French government records concerning the Services des Missions (in charge of scientific expeditions during the 19th century), 1864-1945.


French government records concerning the Services des Missions (in charge of scientific expeditions during the 19th century), 1864-1945.

Accounting, budgets, credits, and expenses (1842-1947); file concerning the creation of the Commission des missions scientifiques et littéraires (1874); annual reports; incoming and outgoing correspondence ((1873-1889, 1901-1908, 1939); Venus transit, exp. Janssen's Japan expedition and his observation of a solar eclipse in 1875 (1866-1876); documents concerning international scientific societies (International Geodesic Association, 1889-1917, International Sismology Association, 1902-1921, International Geodesic and Geophysical Union, 1908-1914); expeditions to the Poles (1872-1933), Individual files (for the 19th century) include Antoine d'Addadie (1888), Alluard (astronomy, 1871), Charles André (astronomy, 1874-1889), Alfred Angot (astronomy and meteorology, 1878), Bouquet de la Grye (experiment on gravitation, 1885), R.P. Alexis Bouruenoud (meteorology, 1864), Lieutenant Braun (astronomical and meteorological observations in Sudan, 1898), A. Bravais (meteorology, terrestrial physics, Switzerland 1844), Brunhes (study of Italian physics laboratories, 1900), Marcel Crouillebois (optics, in England, Germany and Russia, 1871-1874), Henri Deslandres (astronomy 1896-1897), W. de Fonvielle (effects of thunder, 1872), Paul Janet (study of industrial physics laboratories in Belgium and Switzerland, 1893), Gavarret (mission on medical physics in Belgium and Holland, 1872), Jules Janssen (astronomy, spectroscopy, 1857-1876). Aymat de La Baume-Pluvinel (solar eclipses, 1889-1890), Émile Lépissier (astronomy in china, 1866), Emmanuel Liais (solar eclipse, 1858), Gabriel Lippmann (electricity in Germany, 1872-1874), J. Lissajous (science teaching at the Vienna Exposition, 1873), Marié-Davy (astronomy, meteorology, magnetism, 1868-1875), E. Mascart (telegraphy in England, 1877), Henri Mormand (electricity at the Budapest Exposition, 1896), contreamiral E. Mouchez (hydrography, astronomy, 1876-1882), A Mouchot (experiments on solar heat, 1877), Jean Perrin (study of organization of laboratories in Holland and Germany, 1898), G. Qesneville (study of physics laboratories in Germany, 1880), R. Radau (study of the teaching of the mathematical sciences in germany, 1870), Georges Rayet (study of Italian astronomical observatories, 1875), E. Renou (meteorology in France, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, 1868-1869), Joseph Silbermann (meteorology and volcano eruptions, 1877), Paul Soleillet (meteorological observations in Africa, 1873-1885), E. Stéphan (solar eclipse, 1868), Thollon (spectroscopy, 1879), J. Vallot (meteorological observation, Mont-Blanc, 1887), J. Violle (solar heat in algeria, 1876). Individual files (for the 20th century) include Henri Becquerel and his son Jean (optical and magnetic research, Leyden, Holland, 1907), Henri Bénard (Hydrodynamics, 1929-1935), Édouard Branly (subvention for his laboratory, 1921-1930), Henri. Deslandres (astronomical research in California, 1910), N. Giacobini (double stars, 1932-1934), Maurice Hamy (representing France at a Solar Research Conference in California, 1910), Joseph Janin (research on spectroscopy, 1939), Jules Janssen (gas emission in volcanic eruption, Naples, 1904), comte Aymar de La Baume-Pluvinel (observations of diverse solar eclipses, 1893-1914), Lagrula (solar eclipse, 1914), Dr. Latteux (volcanic minerals, 1902 and 1909), comte Henri de Lavaud (aeronautical observation of a solar eclipse, 1905), André Lebreton (mission to the USA to study France's scientific influence), Jean Mascart (observation of Halley's comet, 1910), A. Minet (studies in physics and chemistry in Britain and Germany, 1907), Henri Poincaré (USA, 1904), Stefanik (astronomy, meteorology, 1913), Frédéric Viés (cinematographic observation of solar eclipse, 1912), R. Zauckermann (mission in England to study electronic diffraction methods).


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France. Ministère de l'Instruction publique. (corporateBody)

As a govenment office, the Service des missions was part of the Bureau des travaux historiques. It was created in 1842 and, after its establishment in 1874, directed by the Commission des missions. Among its extremely large and diverse responsibilities (which included literature, history, medicine and science) were astronomy, physics, chemistry, and oceanography. In 1935, the Service was included in the Caisse nationale des recherches scientifiques (ancestor of present-day CNRS). Fro...