Includes manuscripts (130 folders), a few of them on dynamics, electrodynamics, analytical mechanics. Also papers by others (25 folders): K. Gauss, B. Riemann, Lejeune-Dirichlet; and 98 letters from Dedekind and 288 to him. Correspondents: Paul Epstein, Hermann Minkowski, H. Weber, E. Zeller, E. Beltrami, Goeppert, E. Heine, Bjerknes, Felix Klein, W. Lejeune-Dirichlet, C. Neumann, W. Weber, J. Zenneck, among others.

376 letters.



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Dedekind, Richard, 1831-1916 (person)

Mathematician. Studied University of Göttingen: Ph.D. 1852 (Gauss), Habil 1854, priv. doz.; Polytechnikum Zürich: professor 1858; Polytechnikum Brunswick: professor 1862-1916. From the description of Papers. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 80053178 ...