Papers, 1901-1946, (bulk 1920-1964).


Papers, 1901-1946, (bulk 1920-1964).

Collection consists largely of correspondence, primarily correspondence of the President's office. One box contains material relating to the so-called "Atwood Controversy" of 1922-1924, including correspondence concerning the A.A.U.P. investigation into the Atwood administration directed by Arthur O. Lovejoy. Also includes correspondence with various officials of the U.S. Geological Survey documenting Atwood's Rocky Mountain researches. Folders dealing with various geography organizations give insight into the institutional bases of American geography in the interwar years. Major correspondents include: Ellen Churchill Semple, Preston James, Kirtley F. Mather, John C. Merriam, Roderick Peattie, Erwin Raisz, Helen Goss Thomas, and Robert S. Yard.

Ca. 50 lin. ft.

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