Oral history interview with Esther M. Conwell, 1983 March 22.


Conwell, Esther M. (Esther Marley), 1922-. Oral history interview with Esther M. Conwell, 1983 March 22.

Oral history interview with Esther M. Conwell, 1983 March 22.

Childhood and early schooling in Bronx, NY; undergraduate studies at Brooklyn College; fellow students, Ralph Bray, Seymour Benzer, Arthur Ginzberg, all later affiliated with Purdue University. Graduate studies at University of Rochester and, from 1943, at University of Chicago; reasons for transfer. Extensive comments on her masters thesis under Victor Weisskopf (Vivian Johnson, Karl Lark-Horowitz); Ph.D. in astrophysics. Instructorship at Brooklyn College; work on germanium mobilities and resistivities at Bell Laboratories with William Shockley. Discussions of published works on single crystal production, 1952 (Peter Debye); comments on her book on transport in high electrical fields; Shockley's theory on hot carriers in germanium; work on microwave power detector while at Sylvania.


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