Beaumont Newhall interview, 1965 Jan. 23 [sound recording].


Newhall, Beaumont, 1908-1993. Beaumont Newhall interview, 1965 Jan. 23 [sound recording].

Beaumont Newhall interview, 1965 Jan. 23 [sound recording].

An interview of Beaumont Newhall conducted by Joseph Trovato for the Archives of American Art. He speaks of early photography and William Henry Fox Talbot; photography and the Armory Show; the 1937 photography exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art and Edward Steichen; and the George Eastman House. Newhall comments on museums accepting photography as art; the amateur photographer versus the artistic photographer; and his view of photography as a discoverer and a "partaker" of nature.

Sound recording: 2 sound tape reels ; 5 in. +Transcript: 23 p.

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