Elise Asher papers, 1923-1994.


Asher, Elise, 1914-. Elise Asher papers, 1923-1994.

Elise Asher papers, 1923-1994.

Biographical material, letters, business records, writings, art work, printed material, and photographs. These papers reflect Asher's career as a poet, painter, and sculptor, and her friendships with many of the more prominent artists of the mid-twentieth century. The collection contains biographical material, letters, writings, works of art, business records, printed material, and photographs. Notable correspondents found in the collection include Fritz Bultman, Helen Frankenthaler, Philip Guston, Hans Hofmann, Norman Mailer, Robert Motherwell, Louise Nevelson, Mark Rothko, Theodoros Stamos, Jack Tworkov, and Kurt Vonnegut. Biographical material, 1923-1976, includes a teacher's report, 3 resumes, and an award certificate. Letters, 1941-1988, are from Asher's colleagues and primarily concern their art-related activities and interactions. Notable correspondents include Fritz Bultman, Helen Frankenthaler, Philip Guston, Hans Hofmann, Norman Mailer, Robert Motherwell, Louise Nevelson, Mark Rothko, Theodoros Stamos, Jack Tworkov, and Kurt Vonnegut. Business records, 1955-1988, consist of miscellaneous loan agreements and receipts. Writings, 1973-1979, include poems and artist's statements by Asher, and miscellaneous writings about her. Art work, undated, consists of 2 collages by James Rosati and a watercolor by Emil White. Printed material includes clippings, 1953-1989, exhibition announcements and catalogs for Asher, 1952-1989, an exhibition catalog and price list for Nanno De Groot, 1982, press releases, 1976-1986, brochures, 1950-1976, puppet show programs, 1929-1930, a published poem "The Long Boat" by Stanley Kunitz, ca. 1987, and 3 books, "The Meandering Absolute," by Asher, 1955, "This Book is a Movie," edited by Jerry Bowles and Tony Russell, 1971, and "The Provincetown Artists Cookbook," by Christopher Busa, 1988. Photographs consist of 6 images of Asher, 1951-1973, including one with Mark Rothko in his studio, and one with William Carlos Williams. There are also photographs and 38 slides of art work, 1971-1973, and 2 photographs of an exhibition installation at The Contemporaries Gallery, 1966. Exhibition catalogs and announcements, 1979-1992; The Visionary Gleam, a book written and illustrated by Asher, 1994; and clippings, 1988-1992, including a profile of Asher.

1.6 linear ft. (partially microfilmed on 2 reels)

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