Marian Vafiades collection, 1942-2007.


Vafiades, Marian. Marian Vafiades collection, 1942-2007.

Marian Vafiades collection, 1942-2007.

The oral history was recorded in an interview at NEC with Marian Vafiades on May 18, 2007 conducted by Jean Morrow and Maryalice Perrin-Mohr. The transcript of the interview (along with some additional annotations from Marian Vafiades) is included. The memoir includes many pages of memories about NEC compiled by Marian Vafiades interspersed with clippings, photos, bills/receipts, correspondence from classmates and concert programs. There are several additional concert programs that are loose. The loose items (programs, photographs, clippings) are housed in envelopes with the memoirs. Topics covered include: pre-NEC days; WWII classes; faculty members; orchestra; chorus; choral class; opera; orchestral class; musical exposure; NEC and television; memorials-WWII; music therapy; music education; Observing and Practice Teaching; NEC as USO entertainers; NEC, 1941-1945, salaries (general and musicians); student finances (education/living expenses); various available job opportunties for young musicians (detailed with information/programs of local symphonies and choruses and New England Music Camp); salaries for young musicians; discrimination at that time; music-related texts; information about specific classmates; and entertaining stories from her days at NEC. Lastly, included with the memoirs series are resumes for Marian Vafiades. The 50th Reunion booklet was compiled by Marian Vafiades from letters of NEC alumni from the WWII period, who had been contacted by Vafiades to send their recollections. This booklet includes letters from the following alumni: Dr. James R. Anthony, Elizabeth Goober Bernheimer, John Boomer, Ann Very Elmquist, Sylvia Katz Factor, Olivia Reeves Fernandez, Ann Duffie Fleck, Alvin K. Fossner, Ruth Gevalt Glazer, LaReine Otten Hellerman, Dr. Merie J. Haggans Hill, Betty Ann Judge Hotham, Richard Hyatt, Sheila Hoskins Irwin, Rose Palmerie La Torre, Bessie Andrea Rouvalis Manus, Elizabeth Lambert Martin, Izzie Butterfield Nichols, Eleanor Tower Norris, Alice O'Brien, Barbara Foss Roberts, Saima Laycox Ruby, Lee Rudd Ryan, Lois Schaefer, Dorothy Gunther Smith, Barbara Weinstein Schwartz, Winifred Mitenus Sullivan, Gertrude (Trudy) Woodard Taylor, Betty Wood Thomas, Madeleine Merrill Towle, Marian Vafiades; and thirteen anonymous submissions.

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Vafiades, Marian. (person)

Marian Vafiades was born on March 23, 1923 and grew up in Milton, MA. She attended the Boston University Summer School and New England Conservatory. She graduated in 1945 with a Bachelor of Music degree with a concentration in school music. She entered NEC as a trumpet player but switched to the french horn, which she studied under William Valkenier. During WWII, she played for USO tours that featured Claudette Colbert and Joe E. Brown. While at NEC, Vafiades had the opportunity to work with Aar...

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