Papers, ca. 1940-1995. (bulk 1950-1970 and 1975-1990)


Baumol, William J. Papers, ca. 1940-1995. (bulk 1950-1970 and 1975-1990)

Papers, ca. 1940-1995. (bulk 1950-1970 and 1975-1990)

The professional papers (40850 items, 46.51 linear feet, dated 1943-1995) of William Baumol are representative of his career as an academic economist and consultant to industry and government. The substance of the collections begins with his appointment to Princeton's Department of Economics in 1949 until his retirement in 1992, and covers nearly all of his research interests. Materials include correspondence with other economists concerning publications or works in progress; manuscript drafts and galleys; papers prepared for conferences and special lectures; research materials (including notes, materials produced by others, data and other statistical output); special project reports; teaching materials (lecture notes, exams, course syllabi); material relating to industry consulting work, legal testimony and some printed material. Correspondents and chief protagonists during Baumol's long career represent many famous names of 20th-century economists, including Don Patinkin, Frank Hahn, Friederich Hayek, and Sir John Hicks; and future Nobel prize winners G.S. Becker, Milton Friedman, and Paul Samuelson. Other topics include antitrust investigations with the Federal Communications Commission, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the Interstate Commerce Commission; welfare economics; monetary policy; labor economics; industrial productivity; rates for electric, railroad, and telephone companies; finance of the performing arts and public education; and environmental policy. The addition (01-169) (11825 items, 19.20 linear feet, dated 1964-1995 and n.d.) contains professional papers including correspondence, reviews, consulting files, lecture notes, drafts of writings, grant files, and three black-and-white transparencies. Revisions of Baumol's writings on productivity and his books ECONOMICS: PRINCIPLES AND POLICY and PRODUCTIVITY AND AMERICAN LEADERSHIP: THE LONG VIEW are represented among the drafts. The addition (01-170) (2000 items, 5 linear feet, dated 1974-1990) holds files containing or regarding reviews, recommendations, proposals, engagements, and other correspondence. Subjects include the World Resources Institute, the Eastern Economic Association, and the manuscript of "On Finances of the Performing Arts during Stagflation." There are also 114 floppy disks of graphs and texts for writings by Baumol as well as one reel-to-reel audiotape. The addition (02-225) (1800 items, 1.5 linear feet; dated 1981-1991) contains primarily correspondence. Box 1 holds material dated 1985-1986, box 2 contains material dated 1987-1988, box 3 holds material dated 1988 and 1990. In box 3 there are also files from a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services retirement income security policy study group (1981).

56475 items (72.2 lin. ft.)

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