James McNeill Whistler collection, 1863-1906, ca. 1940.


Whistler, James McNeill, 1834-1903. James McNeill Whistler collection, 1863-1906, ca. 1940.

James McNeill Whistler collection, 1863-1906, ca. 1940.

Correspondence; telegraph notes; a pamphlet and exhibition catalogs. Letters from Whistler, 1894, 1902, and undated, to F.H. Allen, Mrs. Caroline van H. Bean, C.B. Bigelow, William H. J. Boot, Katherine Bayard Heyward, and Alfred A. Pope; and a note on the back of a picture, "Beach at Selsey Bill." Letters from Whistler, 1890-1900 and undated, to J.W. Beck, Miss Bird, Mrs. Bronson, Mr. Dubourg, General G.W.C. Lee, W. Nicholson, Samuel W. Paddon, William Patten, H.C. Pollitt, J. Charles Potter; telegraph notes; and correspondence about Whistler, including 2 notes from W. Nicholson to H.C. Pollitt, and C. Anderson representing the Company of the Butterfly to Pollitt requesting that Mr. Pollitt send his check to the Company; and a letter from Voglein to William Patten about being an agent for Whistler's paintings. To Lucas, Monday, March 16, n.y.. saying that he is sending the "White Girl" to the Paris exhibition. "I have set my heart upon this succeeding, as it would be a crusher for the Royal Academy here..." He asks Lucas to meet the painting and deliver it. Also a note to an unknown addressee, n.d. In terrible rush; accepted invitation from Lavery to stay with him; accepts dinner invitation but must go to the exhibition with pictures first. Also, a pamphlet (20 p.) containing letters originally published in London newspapers between 1885 and 1890, titled Wilde v. Whistler: being an acrimonious correspondence on art between Oscar Wilde and James A. McNeill Whistler (1906, London). Invitation from Whistler to Dr. [Swan Moses] and Mrs. Burnett [Frances Hodgson Burnett)] to view etchings and drypoints. The invitation is in an envelope addressed to Dr. Swan Burnett, Washington, D.C., postmarked Oct. 6, 1883; Catalog of a Whistler exhibition held at the Goupil Gallery, London, 1892, with reviews and remarks of each painting by art critics and the public.On cover: J. McNeill Whistler, Chelsea.

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