L'enfance du crime [Multimédia multisupport].


L'enfance du crime [Multimédia multisupport].

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Philippe-Gérard, 1924-....

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Genêt, Jean, 1910-1986

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David Hilliard was in prison from 1970 to 1974 on a one-year to ten-year assault charge. His letters from Genet were sent to him through his lawyer, Charles Garry, who also received some direct communication from Genet. According to Hilliard's notes on these letters, "[Genet] had a major effect in the change of Newton's and the Party's views on homosexuality. Zayd Shakur influenced Genet with regard to the Party. When I was released from prison I was expelled from the Party by Newton after Newto...

Clary, Remi

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Darriet, Yves 19..-1977

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