Infants' Hospital records, 1882-1961.


Infants' Hospital records, 1882-1961.

The Administrative Files include annual reports from 1882 to 1961 (boxes 1-5). Reports for 1917, 1919, 1920, and 1946 are missing. Also present are Corporation and Board of Directors minutes, 1931-1960 (box 6, folders 57-76). Of special interest are minutes and letters from the Board of Lady Visitors, 1893-1910 (box 6, folder 80), which provides information on their work and relationship to the functioning of the hospital and its staff. The Subject Files include information on fund-raising activities (box 7, folders 86-89) and notes made by or for Clement Smith, M.D., for his book The Children's Hospital of Boston: Built Better Than They Knew (Boston: Little, Brown, 1983) (box 7 folder 94). Marginalia within the series are usually by Smith and date from this project. The series also includes correspondence to Susan Durkee, R.N., who was superintendent of nurses in 1918 (box 7, folder 85). The Medical Files consist of admission and discharge logs, medical record books, patient registers, nursing reports, and patient statistics. The thirteen admission and discharge logs (boxes 7-8) date from Oct. 1923 to Aug. 1926. Nine of the logs include indexes to patient names on loose pages at the back or on the last pages of the bound volume. Information recorded consists of: name, age, address, parents' names, admitting diagnosis, rate of board, sent by, and religion. Five medical record books (boxes 9-10) date from 1882 to 1898. They record the following information: family history, dentition, measurements, diet, and treatment. Detailed charts of temperature, dejections (stools), feedings, and weight are also included. The volumes of patient registers (boxes 12-16) span the years 1896-1950. The records for 1903-1916 and 1921-1926 are missing. Information recorded consists of: date, name, sex, birthplace, residence, parents' names, ages, birthplaces, and residence, disease, board rate, notification address, discharged, results, telephone number, and remarks. At May 1950 a note in the register explains that a new system was instituted and patient records from 1950 to 1961 are in registers that combine Infants' patients and Children's patients (see accession #92-35). The nursing reports (box 8, folders 111-121) date from 1932 to 1943 and provide a general overview of the nursing work of the hospital from the point of view of the nursing supervisor. They are written to promote and guide fund-raising activities. The reports include examples of interesting or appealing patients, who are named. Medical conditions and progress are reported, and nursing problems, such as quarantines or the use of Infants' Hospital oxygen tents for premature or ill infants is described. Sometimes comments about parents or problems in the home environment are included. Supplies and furnishings received or needed are noted, and a wish list is generally included at the end. These reports provide documentation not only of the day-to-day work of the nursing staff, but also, indirectly, of the Ladies Aid Committee. The patient statistics (box 8, folders 122-124 and box 11, folders 125-135) are summaries by month and year of information, such as number of patients remaining from the previous month, number admitted, number discharged, number of patients at different rates, total number of hospital days, average stay, discharge notes, and number remaining in the hospital. The numbers of x-rays, autopsies, and staff are also provided.

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