David Lifshitz papers 1924, 1930, 1936-1991 1941-1988.


David Lifshitz papers 1924, 1930, 1936-1991 1941-1988.

The collection documents Rabbi Lifshitz' involvement in the Suwalk & Vicinity Relief Committee, as Rosh Yeshiva of The Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University, as leader of both the Agudath Harabanim and Ezras Torah, as President of the American branch of the Israeli United Religious Bloc, and in numerous other affairs in the Jewish political, rabbinic and communal worlds. It includes correspondence with colleagues, students and associates, some lecture notes, writings and speeches on Jewish legal and philosophical topics, copies of various publications he collected, and a small amount of personal and family materials. A large portion of the correspondence consists of appeals to Rabbi Lifshitz for financial assistance in his capacity as a leader of Ezras Torah. The materials detailing Rabbi Lifshitz' involvement in Israeli political affairs include correspondence from rabbinic figures such as Rabbi Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman and Zerach Warhaftig, a letter from Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion denying charges against the government of secularization of immigrant children, and the Peylim organization that provided for the physical and spiritual needs of Algerian immigrants to Israel and France in the 1960s. In addition to lecture notes and writings, other materials in the collection recording Rabbi Lifshitz' rabbinic career include divorce contracts and documents granting power of attorney to a Jewish court, remarks given at engagements and weddings, and eulogies and memorial speeches for Jewish rabbinic leaders such as Rabbi Aaron Kotler, Rabbi Eliezer Silver, and Rabbi Lifshitz' long-time colleague at Ezras Torah, Rabbi Yosef Eliyahu Henkin. Also included is his handwritten foreword to Sefer Minhat Yosef, a work containing the Torah thoughts of his father-in-law, Rabbi Yosef Yoselowitz, that Rabbi Lifshitz published.

11.5 Linear feet 19 manuscript boxes, 2 slim manuscript boxes, and one oversized box.






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