Jackie Robinson papers, 1934-2001 (bulk 1947-1987).


Robinson, Jackie, 1919-1972. Jackie Robinson papers, 1934-2001 (bulk 1947-1987).

Jackie Robinson papers, 1934-2001 (bulk 1947-1987).

Correspondence, memoranda, telegrams, subject files, baseball contracts, fan mail, speeches and writings, financial and legal records, congressional testimony, military records, and a variety of printed material relating chiefly to Robinson's career as a baseball player and corporate executive, and to his participation in political activities, religious and civic organizations, the civil rights movement, and media affairs. When Jackie Robinson began his career with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, he broke the unwritten racial color line that had existed in major league baseball since the late nineteenth century, and a significant portion of the collection is devoted to his pioneering efforts in this regard. Topics also include the Albany movement, African independence movement, and economic development in the African-American community. Correspondents include Buzzie Bavasi, Roy Campanella, Happy Chandler, Charles Dressen, Alfred Duckett, Arthur Mann, Ralph Norton, Walter F. O'Malley, Joseph L. Reichler, and Branch Rickey. Individuals represented include Chester Bowles, Barry M. Goldwater, W. Averell Harriman, Hubert H. Humphrey, Lyndon B. Johnson, Kenneth B. Keating, Robert F. Kennedy, Adam Clayton Powell, Nelson A. Rockefeller, Carl Thomas Rowan, and Malcolm X. Organizations represented include the African-American Students Federation, American Committee on Africa, Chock Full O'Nuts, Freedom National Bank, New York, N.Y., Jackie Robinson Foundation, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, New York Giants, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and the U.S. Congress House Committee on Un-American Activities.

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Goldwater, Barry M. (Barry Morris), 1909-1998

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Barry Goldwater has been a senator from Arizona since 1952. In 1964, he ran for the Presidency on the Republican ticket, against Lyndon Johnson. From the guide to the Barry Goldwater Collection, 1964., (Cline Library. Special Collections and Archives Department) Senator. From the description of Reminiscences of Barry M. Goldwater : oral history, 1967. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 86158467 Senator Barry M. Goldwater -...

Reichler, Joseph L., 1915-

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Bowles, Chester, 1901-1986

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United States ambassador to India, 1951-1953 and 1963-1969. From the description of The Indo-American development program : the problems and opportunities : mimeograph, 1952. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754867525 Chester Bowles was born on April 5, 1901, in Springfield, Massachusetts. He graduated from Yale University in 1924 (B.S.) and established the advertising firm of Benton and Bowles, with William Benton, in 1929. Bowles served in the Office of Price Administration ...

Chandler, Happy, 1898-1991

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Happy Chandler was Major League Baseball Commissioner (1945-1951). Jim Gallagher, a sports wirter, had a long career in baseball. He served on the Playing rules Committee and as the Director of Amateur and College Baseball for the Commissioner's office during the tenures of Chandler, Frick, Eckert and Kuhn. prior to his time with the Commissioner's office, he was the General Manager of the Chicago Cubs and Scouting Director for the Phillies. From the description of Letter, 1965, Febr...

Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973

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Lyndon Baines Johnson was born on August 27, 1908 at Stonewall, Texas. He was the first child of Sam Ealy Johnson, Jr., and Rebekah Baines Johnson, and had three sisters and a brother: Rebekah, Josefa, Sam Houston, and Lucia. In 1913, the Johnson family moved to nearby Johnson City, named for Lyndon''s forebears, and Lyndon entered first grade. On May 24, 1924 he graduated from Johnson City High School. He decided to forego higher education and moved to California with a few friends, where he pe...

American committee on Africa

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The American Committee on Africa (ACOA) was formed in 1953 as the successor to Americans for South African Resistance, then a two-year-old group formed to support the campaign of nonviolent protests against apartheid led by the African National Congress. ACOA broadened the original scope to include anticolonial struggles throughout the continent. It worked on many fronts: monitoring racist stereotyping in the media; lobbying the State Department and United Nations to adopt anti-apartheid, anti-c...

Robinson, Jackie, 1919-1972

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Jackie Robinston, first African American baseball player to play major league baseball in modern times. From the description of Letter, 1952 May 20 : to Mr. George McGullough. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 83161093 Jackie Robinson played his entire career with the Brooklyn Dodgers (1947-1956). He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962. Horace Stoneham, son of former New York Giants owner Charles Stoneham, took over ownership of the team (1936-1957). ...

Dressen, Charles

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Jackie Robinson Foundation

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African-American Students Federation.

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Campanella, Roy, 1921-1993

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Roy "Campy" Campanella (b. Nov. 19, 1921, Philadelphia, Pa.-d. June 26, 1993, Woodland Hills, Calif.), led National League catchers in putouts six times, and clubbing 242 home runs in his 10-year Major League career. From 1948 to 1957, Roy Campanella was securely anchored behind home plate for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He caught in five World Series, won the National League Most Valuable Player award in 1951, 1953, and 1955, and was the first black catcher in Major League Baseball history. In 1969, ...

Brooklyn Dodgers (Baseball team)

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New York Giants (Baseball team)

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Rickey, Branch, 1881-1965

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Major league baseball player, manager, and executive. Full name: Wesley Branch Rickey. From the description of Branch Rickey papers, 1890-1969 (bulk 1936-1965) (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70982440 Branch Rickey played for the St. Louis Browns (1905-1906, 1914 as player-manager) and the New York Highlanders of the American League (1907). During his playing career, Rickey managed the Browns (1913). After his playing career, Rickey managed the Browns (1915) and the St. Louis...

Keating, Kenneth B. (Kenneth Barnard), 1900-1975

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Senator, ambassador. From the description of Reminiscences of Kenneth Barnard Keating : oral history, 1968. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122513828 ...

Rockefeller, Nelson A. (Nelson Aldrich), 1908-1979

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Government executive. From the description of Reminiscences of Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller : oral history, 1978. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309723954 From the description of Reminiscences of Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller : oral history, 1952. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309723968 From the description of Reminiscences of Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller : oral history, 1967. (Columbia University In ...

Humphrey, Hubert H. (Hubert Horatio), 1911-1978

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Senator. From the description of Reminiscences of Hubert H. Humphrey : oral history, 1958. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122376713 From the description of Reminiscences of Hubert H. Humphrey, Jr. : oral history, 1977. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 86100450 Hubert Horatio Humphrey, Jr. (1911-1978) was a U.S. Senator and Vice President of the United States. He worked as a pharmacist in his fathe...

Duckett, Alfred

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Norton, Ralph G.

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Harriman, W. Averell (William Averell), 1891-1986

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Elie Abel (1920- ) was Dean of Journalism, Columbia University. (M.S., 1942). From the description of William Averell Harriman papers on Special Envoy to Churchill and Stalin, 1941-1946, 1941-1974. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 460880054 Diplomat, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and politician. From the description of Papers of W. Averell Harriman, 1869-1988 (bulk 1895-1986). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71071710 Gove...

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

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Agency History (1909-1967) This chronology covers key events in the NAACP's history, providing a general framework and points of reference for understanding the visual materials in this collection. Listed events do not necessarily correspond to particular visual materials in the collection; some listed events are well covered in the collection, while others are not. 1909 Oswald ...

Bavasi, Buzzie

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National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

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Freedom National Bank (New York, N.Y.)

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Southern Christian Leadership Conference

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Operation Breadbasket, a project of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's Program Dept., began in Atlanta, (Ga.) A loosely organized group of black ministers visited local business to encourage hiring blacks. If negotiation failed, the ministers would urge their congregants to buy selectively until negotiations resumed. From the description of Operation Breadbasket files, 1962-1968. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 38476641 The very beginnings of the SCLC can be trace...

Rowan, Carl T. (Carl Thomas), 1925-2000

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Carl T. Rowan, syndicated columnist, commentator, and author, received his B.A. degree from Oberlin College in 1947, and his M.A. from the University of Minnesota in 1948. During the 1950s he rose to prominence as a reporter for the Minneapolis Tribune, becoming one of the first African-Americans to report for a major daily newspaper. He won national honors for his reports which ranged from race relations in the American South to the political turmoil in Asia. In 1961 he was appointed by Preside...

X, Malcolm, 1925-1965

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Black activist. From the description of Radio broadcast of an interview with Malcolm X, 1962. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309736449 Black nationalist. From the description of Reminiscences of Malcolm X : lecture, [196-?]. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122513305 African American nationalist leader and minister of the Nation of Islam who sought to broaden the civil rights struggle ...

Chock Full O'Nuts

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Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968

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Robert Francis Kennedy (1925-1968), brother of former President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was a Senator from New York. He graduated from Milton Academy in Massachusetts, and served in the United States Navy Reserve from 1944 to 1946. Kennedy later graduated from Harvard University in 1948 and then from the University of Virginia Law School in 1951. He was admitted to the Massachusetts bar in 1951. He worked as an attorney in the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice from 1951 ...

Mann, Arthur (Arthur William), 1901-

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Biographical Note 1901, Sept. 11 Born, Stamford, Conn. 1918 Student, Art Students League, New York, N.Y. 1921 Awarded Gold Medal, 1st prize, Columbia University National Art Competition ...

O'Malley, Walter F. (Walter Frank), 1903-1979

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Walter O'Malley (1903-1979) was President of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Brooklyn's professional baseball team. Born in the Bronx, N.Y., he graduated from Fordham University School of Law in Manhattan in 1930, and in 1932 was assigned to serve on the Board of Directors of the Brooklyn Dodgers as a representative of the financial interests of the Brooklyn Trust Company. O'Malley became the attorney for the Dodgers in 1943, and by 1947 was Vice President and General Counsel of the organizat...

United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities

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The Velde Committee, or Committee on Un-American Activities, met in Portland, Oregon in June. 1954, to investigate the political affiliations of three Reed College professors, who refused to answer questions put to them by the Committee. From the description of Donald J. Sterling collection on the Velde Committee [manuscript], 1954. (Oregon Historical Society Research Library). WorldCat record id: 697808968 From the guide to the Donald J. Sterling collection on the Velde Com...

Powell, Adam Clayton, Jr., 1908-1972

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