Smith Simpson papers, 1833-1991 (bulk 1925-1979).


Smith Simpson papers, 1833-1991 (bulk 1925-1979).

Correspondence, oral history interview, subject files, family papers, scrapbooks, printed matter, photographs, and other papers relating to Simpson's career as a diplomat and industrial relations specialist. Documents his work as a labor and industrial relations expert prior to World War II and to his postwar service as labor attaché in Belgium (1945-1948), Greece (1947-1949), and Mexico (1949-1953); deputy consul general in India (1952-1954); and consul general in Mozambique (1954-1957). Subjects include the American peace movement during the post-World War I period; the International Labour Organisation; communist penetration of trade unions in western and southern European countries following World War II; portrayal of labor in the American popular, official, industrial, and trade union press (1945-1954); conduct and history of diplomacy; recruitment and training of Foreign Service officers; and the Georgetown University Institute for the Study of Diplomacy. Family papers concern the genealogy of the Hendree, Simpson, Smith, and Tinsley families. Includes a letter (1865 January 16) describing the participation of the USS Wabash (Frigate) in the capture of Fort Fisher in North Carolina during the Civil War. Family correspondents include Simpson's parents, Edith Smith Simpson and Hendree P. Simpson. Other correspondents include Robert W. Bruère, Kenneth W. Colegrove, M.H. Hedges, Elmo Paul Hohman, Marcel J. Lemmers, Hugh Anderson Moran, Irene H. Moran, Jean Moran, James Thomson Shotwell, William L. Tayler, Florence Calvert Thorne, Oscar W. Underwood, Pierre Waelbroeck, Robert J. Watt, Richard Wilson, and John C. Winant.

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Smith family. (family)

Lemmers, Marcel J. (person)

Simpson, Smith (person)

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Hedges, M. H. (Marion Hawthorne), 1888- (person)

Winant, John C. (person)

Waelbroeck, Pierre, 1891- (person)

Underwood, Oscar W. (Oscar Wilder), 1890-1962 (person)

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Tayler, William L. (William Lonsdale), 1899- (person)

Moran, Jean E., 1969- (person)

Hohman, Elmo Paul, 1894- (person)

Watt, Robert James (person)

Wabash (Frigate) (corporateBody)

Bruère, Robert W. (Robert Walter), 1876-1964 (person)

Tinsley family. (family)

Colegrove, Kenneth W. (Kenneth Wallace), 1886-1975 (person)

Political science professor at Northwestern (1919-1952) and expert in Japanese politics and law. Colegrove also was active in government and community service. In 1933 he was a member of the U.S. Department of Labor Board of Personnel Examiners. During 1940-1941, he chaired the Evanston chapter of the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies. He was a consultant to the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) from 1943 to 1945 and in 1946 was a political consultant on Japanese constitu...

Hendree family. (family)

Simpson family. (family)

Thorne, Florence Calvert (person)

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Moran, Irene H. (person)