Louise Bates Ames papers, 1915-1996 (bulk 1950-1975).


Ames, Louise Bates. Louise Bates Ames papers, 1915-1996 (bulk 1950-1975).

Louise Bates Ames papers, 1915-1996 (bulk 1950-1975).

Correspondence, diaries, speeches, lectures, manuscripts of articles and books, subject files, bibliography, biographical material on the Bates family, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other papers pertaining primarily to Ames's career as a child psychologist. Documents her work at the Yale Clinic of Child Development and the Yale Child Study Center, as cofounder and codirector of the Gesell Institute of Child Development, and as an author of books and newspaper columns on child behavior. Includes general correspondence of the Gesell Institute; correspondence of Ames's associate, Frances L. Ilg; reports; articles for and correspondence relating to Child Behavior and Parents Ask, the columns written by Ames and Ilg; the Robert M. Zingg papers from the institute's archives; and other papers relating to the institute. Also includes material on Ames's work (1970-1971) with the U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare and the White House Conference on Children. Correspondents include Annie E. Bates, Joan Ames Chase, James T. Culbertson, Fitzhugh Dodson, Paul H. Elicker, Arnold Gesell, Gerhard Alden Gesell, Eric W. Johnson, Len Lye, Margaret Mead, Guy S. Métraux, Ruth W. Métraux, Daniel P. Moynihan, Vance Packard, Evelyn Goodenough Pitcher, Richard L. Slosson, and Benjamin Spock.

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Moynihan, Daniel Patrick, 1927-2003

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Daniel Patrick Moynihan, also Pat Moynihan, (born March 16, 1927, Tulsa, Oklahoma – died March 26, 2003, Washington, D.C.), American politician, sociologist, and diplomat. A member of the Democratic Party, he represented New York in the United States Senate and served as an adviser to Republican U.S. President Richard Nixon. Moynihan moved at a young age to New York City. Following a stint in the navy, he earned a Ph.D. in history from Tufts University. He worked on the staff of New York Gove...

Gesell, Arnold, 1880-1961

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Psychologist and educator. Full name: Arnold Lucius Gesell. From the description of Papers of Arnold Gesell, 1870-1971 (bulk 1910-1950). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 78709411 Biographical Note 1880, June 21 Born Alma, Wisc. 1893 1896 Attend...

Elicker, Paul H.

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Chase, Joan Ames

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Packard, Vance, 1914-1996

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Yale University. Clinic of Child Development

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Spock, Benjamin, 1903-1998

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Pediatrician and author. From the description of Benjamin Spock correspondence and photograph, 1966. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70984314 Benjamin Spock (1903-1998) was an American pediatrician, author, and peace activist. He is the author of the worldwide best-selling book Baby and Child Care . From the guide to the Benjamin Spock Papers, 1945-1990, (Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Libraries) Epithet: paediatrician ...

Ames, Louise Bates.

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Child psychologist and educator. Born 1908; died 1996. From the description of Louise Bates Ames papers, 1915-1996 (bulk 1950-1975). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70981093 Biographical Note 1908, Oct. 29 Born, Portland, Maine 1930 Married Smith Whittier Ames (divorced 1937) ...

White House Conference on Children (1970 : Washington, D.C.)

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Johnson, Eric W

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Gesell, Gerhard Alden, 1910-1993

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Judge; d. 1993. From the description of Papers, 1956-1993 (bulk 1968-1992). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 31605160 Judge and lawyer; died 1993. From the description of Papers of Gerhard Alden Gesell, 1956-1993 (bulk 1968-1992). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71072485 Gerhard Alden Gesell (1910-1993), lawyer, judge, and government official, was the Director of the President's Committee on Equal Opportunity in the Armed Services from 1962 to 1964. ...

Culbertson, James T. (James Thomas), 1911-

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Gesell Institute of Child Development

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Dodson, Fitzhugh, 1923-

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Mead, Margaret, 1901-1978

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American anthropologist. From the description of Letter 1968 June 12. (Denver Public Library). WorldCat record id: 38156541 Anthropologist. From the description of Collection re Margaret Mead, 1978-1979. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71131863 Anthropologist, author, and educator. From the description of Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996 (bulk 1911-1978). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71068917 M...

United States., Department of Health, Education and Welfare

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In March 1972 President Richard Nixon called for an "intensive study" and requested a plan for developing a "safe, fast, and efficient nationwide blood collection and distribution system." Nixon's request was the result of several independent events and initiatives throughout the late 1960s that focused on the U.S. lack of an efficient system for maintaining a sufficiently ample, risk-free national blood supply. The primary aim of the policy was to eliminate the nation's dependence on an oft-con...

Métraux, Ruth W.

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Ilg, Frances L. (Frances Lillian), 1902-1981

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Lye, Len, 1901-1980

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Painter, kinetic artist; New York, N.Y. From the description of Len Lye papers, 1966. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 86093854 ...

Yale University. Child Study Center

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The Yale longitudinal study was planned as an ambitious exploratory study of personality (ego) development in the first years of life. The research team was composed of pediatricians, child psychologists, nursery-school teachers, psychiatric social workers and psychoanalysts, specialists in early childhood development. The initial investigators, including Ernst Kris, Sally Provence, then-director Milton Senn, Charlotte del Solar and Katherine Wolf, began to recruit families and pilo...

Slosson, Richard L.

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Bates, Annie E.

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Métraux, Guy S. (Guy Serge)

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Bates family.

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Pitcher, Evelyn Goodenough.

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Evelyn Wiltshire Goodenough Pitcher (1915- ): child development specialist, (Wilson College, A.B., 1937; Yale University, A.M. in English, 1939, Ph.D. in education and psychology, 1956) taught and studied pre-school children at the Gesell Institute of Child Development in New Haven (1951-1959), directed the Eliot-Pearson School of Child Development at Tufts (ca. 1959-ca. 1965), and when the school became a Tufts dept. in 1965, she became a Tufts professor and chairman of the Dept. of Child Study...

Zingg, Robert M. (Robert Mowry), 1900-1957

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