Frederick A. Porcher papers, 1826-1922.


Porcher, Frederick A. (Frederick Adolphus), 1809-1888. Frederick A. Porcher papers, 1826-1922.

Frederick A. Porcher papers, 1826-1922.

Correspondence, legal documents, writings, a diary, a commonplace book, and other items. Family correspondence (1862-1922) of the Civil War period consists mainly letters of F.A. Porcher in Charleston and Abbeville, S.C., to his wife Caroline concerning personal and family matters, military and political events, guard duty in Charleston, and the College of Charleston; their letters after this period mainly concern personal and family matters. There is also correspondence of Clelia [Lightwood Porcher Missroon?], other Porcher family members, and the related Smith and Palmer families. Of note are letters to Clelia Missroon from Marion ("Min") J. Porcher (later Marion Ford) concerning U.S. colored troops occupying and plundering Otranto Plantation in Feb. 1865, their house being used as headquarters by "Gen. P" (Gen. E.E. Potter), the defiant attitude of her mother Louise P. Porcher (a sister of James L. Petigru), the loyalty of some servants, conditions in Charleston, S.C., in June 1865, her family being on a "suspected list" and watched, the conduct of the freedmen ("Everything is done to infuriate the negroes against the whites"), ladies arrested "for not testifying any grief" at Lincoln's assassination, and her hatred for northerners ("It seems as though Satan was let loose when such a people triumph"). Legal documents (1831-1870) include a marriage settlement (1838) between F.A. Porcher and Emma C. Gough; a bond (1846); documents (1839-1855) pertaining to Porcher's trusteeship of Marianna Porcher Smith (later Marianna Alston); and estate records of Marianne Gendron Palmer Porcher and John P. Porcher, including a conveyance (1831) of Cedar Spring Plantation. Writings consist of drafts (mostly holograph) of Porcher's memoirs about his childhood on Cedar Spring Plantation and at Pineville, S.C., education at Yale and elsewhere, political activities and life as a plantation owner, and his teaching career; essays on John C. Calhoun, South Carolina governor D.H. Chamberlain, the Santee Canal, and other subjects; notes on the Catawba language; and other items. A commonplace book (ca. 1870s) contains quotations, poems, and excerpts from newspapers and books. A diary (1865) concerns Porcher's journey from Charleston to Abbeville at the close of the Civil War. Other items include a weekly record (1875-1876) of deaths in Charleston, a copy of a plat (1826) of Pineville, S.C., and photographs of Porcher and his wife.

ca. 70 items.

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