Marian E. White papers, 1934-1975.


Marian E. White papers, 1934-1975.

The papers of Marian E. White pertain primarily to her work on the prehistory and ethnohistory of the Iroquois and other Native American groups in New York State. The collection contains drafts of papers and articles as well as other materials relating to her work and interest in the Iroquois and other Native American groups in New York State. Also included are detailed course notes from her graduate work at the University of Michigan and personal memorabilia. The numerous drafts of conference papers and articles, as well as published papers, document the growth and development of Marian White's thought. While earlier papers deal with physical artifacts and settlement patterns, later papers reflect a growing concern with public archeology, the protection of archaeological sites and the concerns of present day Native Americans. Marian White's notes from the University of Michigan, where she received her M.A and Ph.D., are detailed and offer an unusually complete view of the state of graduate instruction in anthropology and archeology in the early 1950s. The collection also includes a number of tape recordings. Most of these are cassettes, used by Marian White for the dictation of letters and reports, but two tapes record the recollections of Nellie Jack, a Native American woman, about Iroquois life on the Cornplanter Reservation.

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