Correspondence, 1785-1809.


Banks, Joseph, Sir, 1743-1820. Correspondence, 1785-1809.

Correspondence, 1785-1809.

Manuscript, in several hands, of drafts of letters, many with corrections, primarily regarding business by Banks, but also including several to him from various correspondents. The letters include one to Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre expressing his concern for English members of the Royal Society held prisoner in France; one to Richard Chenevix about Chenevix's researches in chemistry; and a lighthearted note to Robert Fulke Greville concerning sheep and including two drawings of the hind-quarters of sheep. Other letters address a possible addition regarding animal anatomy to the collections of the British Museum; an expedition to explore Africa; bringing plants from Cayenne to the Royal Gardens at Kew; the possibility that birds possess reason; and books he has borrowed from and lent to friends.

29 items (in 1 v.) ; various sizes.

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