[Miscellanea historica: Collection of papers of historical interest relating to the reigns of James I and Charles I], [17th century].


Gurney, Hudson, 1775-1864,. [Miscellanea historica: Collection of papers of historical interest relating to the reigns of James I and Charles I], [17th century].

[Miscellanea historica: Collection of papers of historical interest relating to the reigns of James I and Charles I], [17th century].

Manuscript, in multiple secretary hands, of a collection of 19 Parliamentary documents, primarily concerning the marriage negotiations between Charles I and the Spanish Infanta Maria. These include the petition of John Digby, Earl of Bristol, asking leave to defend his actions in the Spanish negotiations against his accusers; the information of Thomas, Baron Coventry presented to the House of Lords against Digby; and King Charles I's letter to Digby charging him with misconduct regarding the Spanish match. Also included are the abstract of articles presented by Digby against George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham; Buckingham's impeachment and defense, and a letter by King Philip IV of Spain to Conde Olivares regarding the marriage negotiations. Other items in the collection include Parliamentary speeches by John, Baron Finch; Charles I; Sir Dudley Digges; and James I; an order in the Privy Council for a hearing on a dispute between Jeffrey Neve and the town of Yarmouth; and information exhibited by Sir John Bankes in the Court of Star Chamber against John Bastwick, Henry Burton, and William Prynne, who were charged with publishing libels against the clergy and church.

1 v. (170 p.) ; various sizes.

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Bankes, John, Sir, 1589-1644

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