[Political miscellany], [17th century].


[Political miscellany], [17th century].

[Political miscellany], [17th century].

Manuscript on paper, in a single hand, of a collection of political material, the bulk of which consists of petitions and Parliamentary speeches made in 1640 and 1641. The grievances cited in a petition by "the Citizens of London" at York include "imposicions upon Merchandise imported and exported. The urging and levying of ship money...the great concourse of Papists and their adherents in London...The seldome calling and sodaine dissolving of Parlmt. without redressing your subjects grevances;" and a petition of "the Lay-Catholiques Recusants of England" begs for relief from persecution. Issues discussed in Parliament during this time include the trial of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, the Oath of allegiance to the Church of England, and the question of episcopal government. The manuscript also contains a satirical piece titled "Observations of Holland" which declares, "It is excellent for desparring Lovers, for each corner affoords a Willow; But if Justice should condemne one to bee hang'd on any other Tree, he may live long, and confident," followed by a similarly satirical piece on Scotland. A sermon "preacht at St. Gyles in Edinburgh...1638...by James Rowe" declares "The Kirk a Scotland cau'd a smeld as weele, as any Kirk ith the Warld. Than the Kyrk a Rounie smelt sa strang that at furst she cau'd a tauld yee, she taisted o the cheare o Babylon. But now bring in the stinkenest Papery under her Neese, and it wull savour as sweat as an Aple." The manuscript concludes with "The Oath all are to take, or to suffer as Papists" and a petition from "severall grammer schooles in and about the Cyty of London."

1 v. (310 p.) ; 19 x 15 cm.

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