Harold Jackson Gordon Jr. papers, 1916-1978 (inclusive).


Harold Jackson Gordon Jr. papers, 1916-1978 (inclusive).

Correspondence from civilians and former army officers in Germany relating to Gordon's dissertation: The Reichswehr and the German Republic, 1919-1926 (Yale University, 1953). The letters from the civilians written between 1946 and 1951 discuss their recollections of the Nazi movement and contemporary economic and political conditions in Germany. The letters on the German army, responding to a questionnaire sent by Gordon, are from Germany army officers, a British general, a German member of the French resistance and others with information on the army and foreign office personnel policies. Also included are correspondence, documents, and writings relating to the Hitler Putsch of 1923, to the Beer Hall Putsch, and to the Hamburg KDP Revolt of 1923.

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