James E. Babb Memorial collection, 1860-1942 (inclusive).


Babb, James Elisha, 1864-1934. James E. Babb Memorial collection, 1860-1942 (inclusive).

James E. Babb Memorial collection, 1860-1942 (inclusive).

A double collection of the papers of James Elisha Babb, a lawyer prominent in Idaho politics and of his father-in-law, Charles Johnson Tinkham.

1.5 linear ft. (4 boxes, 1 folio)

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Caleb Lyon (1821-1875), United States consul at Shanghai, 1847, assistant secretary of the California Constitutional Convention, 1849, New York State Assembly person, member of the United States Congress, territorial governor of Idaho, 1864-66. From the description of Autograph, 1865 Dec 25. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702127744 Politician. Caleb Lyon was U.S. Consul to Shanghai, Congressman, Assistant Secretary of the Monterey Convention, 1849, a...

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James Elisha Babb practiced law in Chicago, 1882-1892; in 1892 he moved to Lewiston, Idaho and praticed law there. From the description of James E. Babb Memorial collection, 1860-1942 (inclusive). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702165962 James Elisha Babb practiced law in Chicago, 1882-1892; in 1892 he moved to Lewiston, Idaho, and practiced law there. James Elisha Babb was born on 1864 January 11, the son of Milton and Elizabeth (Littler) Babb. Rais...

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