Mary Butts collection, 1928-1936.


Butts, Mary, 1890-1937. Mary Butts collection, 1928-1936.

Mary Butts collection, 1928-1936.

The collection consists of letters, manuscripts, and other memorabilia of Mary Butts. It includes letters written between 1928-36 to her friends Angus Davidson and Harcourt Wesson Bull, and two corrected typescript copies of the preface to her novel "Julian the Apostate." The collection also includes a photograph of Mary Butts taken by George Platt Lynes, inscribed to Harcourt Wesson Bull, and a reproduction of a drawing of Mary Butts by Jean Cocteau. The letters to Harcourt Wesson Bull concern mutual friends, Butts's family affairs, her writings, and King Edward VIII's accession and abdication. A few letters from Bull to Butts are present. The letters to Angus Davidson also concern Butts's writings, family and mutual friends, but are chiefly about the renovation of a cottage that Davidson bought in Sennen in 1934, which Butts oversaw for him.

0.42 linear ft. (1 box) + 1 broadside folder.

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