James Wilkinson letters, 1815-1822.


Wilkinson, James, 1757-1825. James Wilkinson letters, 1815-1822.

James Wilkinson letters, 1815-1822.

Eight ALS, two with separate envelopes, written by James Wilkinson. Four letters, dated at Troy and New York City, New York, January-March, 1815, to William Caldwell, a merchant in Albany, were written during Wilkinson's court martial following the War of 1812. These letters contain requests for money and merchandise and briefly discuss his trial. One of these letters, dated January 13, includes a brief note written by Caldwell regarding items sent to Wilkinson. Accompanying another of these letters, dated at Troy, February 17, is a receipt for money received from Wilkinson, October 10, 1813, to defray expenses of prisoners of war. In other letters to Caldwell, dated at Philadelphia, January 30, 1816, and March 14, 1817, Wilkinson discusses plans to write his memoirs and the progress of subscriptions and sales. In an extensive letter written to James Caldwell, apparently a brother of William, dated at Philadelphia, May 29, 1816, Wilkinson discusses his political views, including observations on the presidential candidacy of James Monroe; experiences in the Revolutionary War; and his health and plans to pursue cotton planting in the Mississippi region. The letter also briefly refers to the progress of his memoirs. In an ALS written to John S. Williams, near Baltimore, Maryland, Wilkinson reports on his efforts to acquire land in Texas and urges Williams to join him in Texas if he is successful. Wilkinson also discusses political events in Mexico and family news. The letter is dated at Mexico City, December, 1822, in an unidentified hand. Accompanying the letters are an ALS from Victor H. Paltsits, Forest Hills, New York, to Thomas W. Streeter, Morristown, New Jersey, February 3, 1944, enclosing three of the Wilkinson letters and describing their content; and a copy of a TL, carbon, from Streeter in reply to Paltsits, regarding purchase of the letters.

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