Anacréon [Multimédia multisupport]. Ouverture.


Cherubini, Luigi, 1760-1842. Anacréon [Multimédia multisupport]. Ouverture.

Anacréon [Multimédia multisupport]. Ouverture.

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Cherubini, Luigi, 1760-1842 (person)

Luigi Cherubini (1760-1842) was an Italian composer and music instructor. He was a child music prodigy who went on to write many popular operas as an adult. He moved to France in 1785, where he continued to live and work, successfully surviving the tumultuous regime changes of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods. After the end of the eighteenth century, Cherubini's operatic work was less successful and so he began composing church music. In 1822, he became director of the prestigious Conser...

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