Dracula [Multimédia multisupport].


Dracula [Multimédia multisupport].

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Stoker, Bram, 1847-1912

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Bram (Abraham) Stoker (b. November 8, 1847, Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland-d. April 20, 1912, London, England), studied at Dublin's Trinity College. He took a civil service job, but found it unsatisfying and moonlighted as an unpaid theatre critic. His affection for the theatre led to a partnership with Henry Irving, managing London's Lyceum Theatre. While managing the theatre, Stoker wrote consistently, publishing popular adventure and horror stories as well as non-fiction. Today, he is almost exclu...

Coppola, Francis Ford, 1939-....

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Ryder, Winona, 1971-....

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Hopkins, Anthony, 1937-....

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Kilar, Wojciech

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Oldman, Gary

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Hart, James V.

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