William Kienbusch papers, 1920-1980.


Kienbusch, William, 1914-1980. William Kienbusch papers, 1920-1980.

William Kienbusch papers, 1920-1980.

Biographical material, letters and correspondence, artwork, writings, photographs, printed material and miscellany documenting the life and career of William Kienbusch as a painter and art instructor. Biographical material consists of a passport, membership cards, school report cards, and diplomas. Correspondence includes letters between Kienbusch and his close friend, Stanley Clifford, as well as letters from friends and associates, including James Beal, Isabel Bishop, Philip Guston, Mervin Jules, Antoinette Kraushaar, Dorothy C. Miller, Samuel French Morse, Henry Varnum Poor, Annie Poor, Abraham Rattner, Karl Schrag, Reuben Tam, and institutions including the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, the Ford Foundation, the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the University of Maine, Kraushaar Galleries, the Portland Museum of Art, and Charles Scribner and Sons. Also included are letters from Kienbusch to his parents and other family members regarding summer camps, travel, and the army, letters to Walter Maitland, and a letter to the Air Force Camouflage Caravan requesting transfer to the Photo Interpretation School,1944. Artwork includes loose sketches and sketchbooks and pastels created by Kienbusch while on his military tour in Guam. Writings include notes and a speech draft by William Kienbusch and an album of short notes written by friends for Kienbusch on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Photographs are of Kienbusch and of landscapes in Maine. Printed material includes postcards, maps, exhibition booklets, pamphlets, announcements, guest books, and invitations. Miscellany includes receipts for art supplies and hair from Kienbusch's childhood.

5.0 linear feet.

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