William Steuben Smith diary and letterbook, 1809-1821.


Smith, William Steuben, 1787-1850. William Steuben Smith diary and letterbook, 1809-1821.

William Steuben Smith diary and letterbook, 1809-1821.

Diary of William Steuben Smith, kept on a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, as private secretary to John Quincy Adams, U.S. minister to Russia, 16 July-29 Oct. 1809, and a letterbook containing drafts of Smith's outgoing correspondence, 19 July 1811-14 Apr. 1820. The diary describes the activities of Smith and Adams; preparations for the trip to Russia; Smith's impressions of various people, including John Adams and other members of the Adams family; details of the trans-Atlantic voyage, including encounters with other ships; and landings at Kristiansand (Norway), Helsingor (Denmark), and Kronstadt (Russia). The letterbook portion of the volume consists of copies of Smith's personal correspondence from St. Petersburg and Washington, primarily to his father William Stephens Smith, his mother Abigail Adams Smith, his brother John Adams Smith, and his sister Caroline Amelia Smith (later de Windt). Subjects include family news, the diplomatic activities of John Quincy Adams, the political situation in Europe, the French invasion of Russia in 1812 and other news of the Napoleonic Wars, Smith's impressions of Napoleon, causes and campaigns of the War of 1812, the British practice of impressment, negotiations for peace, and the death of Abigail Adams in 1818. Includes a memorandum about a business matter, Apr. 1811, and a loose letter to Smith from his brother John Adams Smith, 28 Dec. 1821, inserted into the volume.

1 vol. in a narrow box.

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