Supplementary correspondence files of the Virginian-Pilot [manuscript], 1931-1949.


Supplementary correspondence files of the Virginian-Pilot [manuscript], 1931-1949.

Included are articles, reports, speeches, newsclippings, pamphlets, and other printed material, photographs and some correspondence, all pertaining to subjects of concern to Jaffe as editor of the "Virginian-Pilot." The chief topic is the use by Norfolk Polytechnic College (later Virginia State College, Norfolk Division) of a vacated nurses home at the former St. Vincent's Hospital in a predominantly black section of Norfolk. Also of interest are materials on the Southern Regional Council, including minutes of the executive committee and board meetings and copies of "The Southern frontier" and "The new South." Topics also include suffrage reform, particularly in regard to the poll tax, World War II and the military build up in Norfolk and attendant problems, Virginia politics and the Byrd machine, Norfolk civic issues, public health and Judaism. Of unusual interest is a letter from Bravid W. Harris re: third world democracy and Liberia. Other correspondents include Alben Barkley, Stringfellow Barr, Charles Borland, Lyman B. Brooks, G.W.C. Brown, Lenoir Chambers, Colgate Darden, Amelia Earhart, Charles O. Goolrick, Bravid W. Harris, Vivian L. Page, Moss Plunkett, George W. Spicer, Abram P. Staples, Robert H. Tucker, J.K. Taussig, Roy Wilkins and Plummer Bernard Young.

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Goolrick, Charles O'Conor, 1876-1960. (person)

Virginia State College. Norfolk Division (corporateBody)

Page, Vivian L., 1894- (person)

Brooks, Lyman Beecher, 1910- (person)

Harris, Bravid Washington, 1896-1965. (person)

St. Vincent's Hospital (Norfolk, Va.) (corporateBody)

Barr, Stringfellow, 1897-1982 (person)

Historian, author, and former president of St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland. From the guide to the Stringfellow Barr letters to Broadus Mitchell, 1952, 1954, (The New York Public Library. Manuscripts and Archives Division.) University of Virginia professor; co-founder of St. John's College's "New Program" based on the classics; president of the Foundation for World Government. From the description of Papers of Stringfellow Barr [manuscript], 1915-1958. (...

Brown, G. W. C. (person)

Staples, Abram P. (Abram Penn), 1885-1951 (person)

Virginia attorney-general and justice of the state court of appeals. From the description of Papers of Abram P. Staples, 1927-1971 (bulk 1927-1952). (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 32135390 ...

Spicer, George W. (George Washington), 1897- (person)

Jaffe, Louis I. (Louis Isaac), 1888-1950 (person)

Editor of the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot. From the description of Editorial correspondence files, S-V, of the Virginian-Pilot, 1907-1950. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 32135349 From the description of Editorial correspondence files, M and N, of the Virginian-Pilot [manuscript], 1918-1954. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647846337 From the description of Editorial correspondence files, H-L, of the Virginian-Pilot [manuscript], 1917-1950. (U...

Earhart, Amelia, 1897-1937 (person)

Amelia Mary Earhart (AE) was born on July 24, 1897, in Atchison, Kansas, the first daughter of Amy (Otis) Earhart and Edwin Stanton Earhart. Her sister, Grace Muriel, was born three years later. The family moved several times (to Kansas City, Kansas; Des Moines; St. Paul; Chicago) during AE's childhood as her father tried unsuccessfully to establish a profitable legal career. AE graduated from Chicago's Hyde Park High School in 1916. ESE's increasing reliance on al...

Tucker, Robert C (person)

Wilkins, Roy, 1901-1981 (person)

Civil rights leader and journalist; d. 1981. From the description of Papers, 1915-1980. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 31605113 Roy Wilkins was born in St. Louis, Missouri, grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota and graduated from the University of Minnesota. Wilkins edited the KANSAS CITY CALL, a Black newspaper, from 1923 to 1931. Wilkins became Assistant Secretary of the NAACP in 1931 and became Executive Secretary in 1955. Under his leadership the NAACP grew to 350,000 members. ...

Southern Regional Council (corporateBody)

The Help Our Public Education (HOPE) project was established in 1958 by a group of community leaders and concerned citizens to disseminate information regarding school integration in Georgia. After the Supreme Court's school desegregation decision of 1954, HOPE anticipated that many of Georgia's public schools would close, because the state would refuse to comply. HOPE believed an informed public would take the necessary action through elected representatives to keep Georgia's public schools ope...

Borland, Charles (person)

Chambers, Lenoir, 1891-1970 (person)

Lenoir Chambers (1891-1970) was a newspaper editor and author. He is best known for his work on Stonewall Jackson and winning the Pulitzer Prize for his editorials in 1959. He was the Gilmer Lecturer in 1961. This lecture was established through the will of Louisa Porter Gilmer Minis. From the description of Lenoir Chambers speech, 1961. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 38477512 Lenoir Chambers was a native of North Carolina. Chambers worked as a newspaper editor in Norfolk, V...

Virginia State College. Norfolk Division. Board of trustees. (corporateBody)

Taussig, Joseph K. (Joseph Knefler), 1877-1947 (person)

U.S. naval officer. From the description of Papers, 1914-1948. (Naval War College). WorldCat record id: 28413932 Joseph Knefler Taussig (30 August 1877 - 29 October 1947) was a Vice Admiral in the United States Navy. He served in the Spanish-American War, China Relief Expedition, World War I and World War II. From the description of Papers, 1883-1967. (Naval War College). WorldCat record id: 46361502 From the description of Letter, November 7, 1946. (Nav...

Young, Plummer Bernard, -1962 (person)

Darden, Colgate W. (Colgate Whitehead), 1897-1981 (person)

President of the University of Virginia, 1947-1959; former Governor of Virginia; Lawyer; Farmer; Teacher; Businessman; United States House of Representatives; member of the United States Delegation to the U.N. during the Eisenhower Administration. From the description of Oral history interview of Colgate W. Darden by Ann L. S. Southwell and Michael F. Plunkett [manuscript], [1972?]. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647920804 University of Virginia president, Gov...

Barkley, Alben William, 1877-1956 (person)

Alben Barkley: Congressional Voice of Liberty "A good story," said Alben Barkley, "is like fine Kentucky bourbon, it improves with age and, if you don't use it too much, it will never hurt anyone." One of Congress' most proficient storytellers, Barkley used his booming baritone, endless repertoire of anecdotes, and rousing speech-making ability to propel himself from congressman to senator to majority leader and vice president. Well liked, he earned the esteem of his colleagues in 1944, wh...

Plunkett, Moss A. (Moss Abram), 1888-1957. (person)

Roanoke, Va. lawyer and politician. From the description of Papers of Moss A. Plunkett, 1903-1962. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 30793765 ...