Oral history interview with Todd Webb 1990 Sept. 4-1992 May 22.


Webb, Todd 1906-2000. Oral history interview with Todd Webb 1990 Sept. 4-1992 May 22.

Oral history interview with Todd Webb 1990 Sept. 4-1992 May 22.

An interview of Todd Webb conducted 1990 Sept. 4-1992 May 22, by Robert F. Brown for the Archives of American Art. Webb speaks of his childhood in Detroit and Ontario, Canada; friendship with photographer Harry Callahan and the influence of a course by Ansel Adams on them both; service as a Navy photographer in World War II; development of a close friendship with Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keeffe during the late 1940s; photographic assignments with FORTUNE magazine for Standard Oil Company under Roy Stryker, and in England and France under Rene Leonhardt, a photo agency; writing and photographic essays on the American West; assignments in 1960s for the United Nations; sale, in the 1970s, of negatives and work to date to the collector George Rinhart; residence in Maine; and his frequent travels.

Sound recording 3 sound cassettes.Transcript: 57 p.

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