Ben Grauer collection on French political, legal, economic, and social history, 1582-1930.


Grauer, Ben,. Ben Grauer collection on French political, legal, economic, and social history, 1582-1930.

Ben Grauer collection on French political, legal, economic, and social history, 1582-1930.

Documents, manuscripts, letters, chapbooks, engravings, photographs, drawings, offprints, and clippings providing detailed documentation of French political, legal, economic, and social history from the 16th to early 20th century, especially focussing on local government administration and civil law from ca. 1790-1810. Documents include many on the administration of the Département du Nord and the departments of the Gironde and Isère in the 1790's, including certificates of baptism and other documents on questions of residence, and documents on the identification and arrest of emigrés from France. Also included are many legal documents ranging from 1629-1810, including opinions and verdicts in civil lawsuits; documents on issues of inheritance and succession; 18th-century marriage contracts and divorce papers; deeds to houses and land titles; and powers of attorney. Other documents include a military discharge dated 1582, military service and pension records, and other documents concerning the French army from 1710-1815. ? ?

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