Claude-Charles Coster letters, 1781-1806 (bulk 1790-1791).


Coster, Claude-Charles, b. 1741?. Claude-Charles Coster letters, 1781-1806 (bulk 1790-1791).

Claude-Charles Coster letters, 1781-1806 (bulk 1790-1791).

Bound manuscript consisting mainly of 244 letters from Coster to Beauveau, written from 1790-1791, containing extracts from the minutes of France's Constituent Assembly and observations on the latest political developments and incidents in Paris, including eyewitness accounts of some events. Coster also describes his own salary negotiations at length. Bound with these letters are transcripts of poems and songs relating to the French Revolution, minor quotations from a book published in 1806, and 40 letters by others written during the period from 1788-1792. Correspondents other than Coster include Pernot, abbé Arrighi, the marquis d'Argence, Pierre Vincent Benoît, Louis François Bertin, the marquis d'Amboise, Jean-François Joly de Fleury, Charles-Guillaume Lambert, Antoine-François comte de Bertrand de Moleville, Arnaud de Laporte, Louis-Charles-René comte de Marbeuf, and Trophime-Gérard marquis de Lally-Tolendal, with two short notes by Jacques Necker.

2 v. ([373], [311] leaves) ; 23 cm.

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