Letter, 1815 October 17, Richmond, Virginia to Thomas Jefferson, n.p.


Letter, 1815 October 17, Richmond, Virginia to Thomas Jefferson, n.p.

His wretchedness and family's ruin caused by arbitrary power in Jefferson's hands; intends to effect an issue between them in public press; will not shrink from his purpose; recalls scenes opened by Secretary of State to Marshall of Virginia; insidious conversations in August 1793 in cabinet and at country residence [Monticello]; he laments the death of Dr. [Benjamin] Rush and the late Governor of Tennessee, yet he would, in justice to characters of Pierce Brother and Col. Thos. Blount, challenge his appeal to their memories; will ask for correctness of details which he shall unfold later; communication will remain wholly unknown to others until a similar affair at law instituted for the same purpose.

4 p. on 1 leaf ; 25 cm. x 20 cm.


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