William du Pont, Jr. papers, 1840-1980 (bulk, 1919-1965.).


William du Pont, Jr. papers, 1840-1980 (bulk, 1919-1965.).

The papers of William du Pont, Jr. document areas of his activities predominantly concerned with land development in Wilmington, Del.; farming, animal breeding and foxhunting in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia; and promotion of horse racing in the United States, especially in Delaware. William du Pont, Jr.'s correspondence (1919-1965) contains letters of both personal and business character and reveals his connections and relations with personal acquaintances, employees, local businesses and services, as well as business partners from all over the country. Among family members, his most involved correspondents were his sister Marion du Pont Scott and second wife Margaret Osborne du Pont. Business papers contain material of 31 companies operated by William du Pont, Jr. They include companies' minute books, accounting books, tax returns, banking papers, finacial and operating statements, agreements and correspondence with tenants, contractors and business partners, maps, drawings, technical and architectural blueprints, trade catalogs and photographs. For most of the companies, these materials encompass the period of their entire existence. The collection contians numerous documents on William du Pont's Foxcatcher stables and Foxcatcher kennels, enterprises which lasted for over four decades at his farms located in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. These documents include correspondence with horse show and race associations, hunting clubs, horse breeders and trainers; statements of farm operations; breeding records and pedigrees; catalogs and programs of horse shows and races; and a collection of books on foxhunting. A substantial body of invoices, receipts and banking records documents his intensive local business connections. The papers of William du Pont, Jr. incorporate material pertaining to other people. There is a small collection of McConnell family papers belonging to his elder daughter Marion's husband J.H. Tyler McConnell who was running for Governor of Delaware in 1956. McConnell papers include family correspondence, photographs and campaign materials. Papers of engineers B.T. Converse and H.B. Eskridge contain valuable information about construction, additions and maintenance of the Delaware Trust Building, Delaware Park at Stanton and du Pont's properties in Delaware. Correspondence file of du Pont's business associate J.W. McComb documents land acquisition in Maryland and Pennsylvania for du Pont's farming and animal breeding enterprises.

339 linear feet, 17 oversize folders.


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