[Records]. 1890-1988.


[Records]. 1890-1988.

Series I includes minutes of annual meetings, Board of Government, and Board of Directors for NECMA, 1890-1907; NACM, 1907-1956; NACM/NTA, 1953-1955; and NTA, 1953-1993 (with gaps). Series II includes correspondence, 1955-1979; memoranda, reference files and bulletins from the offices of NTA president William F. Sullivan; secretaries Daniel D. Gordon, Karl Spilhaus, and John A. Stewart; John T. Murphy, assistant treasurer; and Tim Harrall, Regulatory Affairs. Also contains bulletins, 1920-1987, from the National Association of Cotton Manufacturers and the NTA, plus a large number of general subject files and files with information about individual mills. Subject files are divided between historic, containing material prior to 1983-1985, and current, containing material after 1983-1985. Files contain memos, newspaper articles, advertising materials, etc. Collection also contains material from American Cotton Manufacturers' Assoc., Camel Hair and Cashmere Institute of America, Elastic Fabric Manufacturers Institute, Felt Assoc., National Assoc. of Cotton Manufacturers and Planters, and Northern Textile Manufacturers-Wool Manufacturers' Council.

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Sullivan, William F., 1909-

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National Textile Association.

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Felt Association.

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Stewart, John A., R.N.

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Camel Hair and Cashmere Institute of America.

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National Association of Cotton Manufacturers and Planters

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Spilhaus, Karl 1876-

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Hampden County Cotton Spinners Association.

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Murphy, J. T. (John Thomas), 1888-1966

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National Association of Cotton Manufacturers

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Northern Textile Manufacturers-Wool Manufacturers Council.

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New England Cotton Manufacturers' Association

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Gordon, Daniel M., 1959-

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American Cotton Manufacturers Association

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Harrall, Tim.

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Northern Textile Association.

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Located in Boston, the Northern Textile Assoc. traces its history to 1854, the founding date of the Hampden County Cotton Spinners Assoc. In 1865 the name was changed to the New England Cotton Manufacturers' Assoc. (NECMA) and in 1906, in an effort to expand its market, it became the National Association of Cotton Manufacturers (NACM). In 1953 NACM filed incorporating papers for the Northern Textile Assoc. (NTA) which ran in tandem with NACM. In 1956 NACM members voted to officially change the n...

Elastic Fabric Manufacturers Institute.

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