Letter to Petrus Van Gaasbeeck, 1776 August 1.


Van Valkenburgh, Bartholomew Jacob, 1753-1831. Letter to Petrus Van Gaasbeeck, 1776 August 1.

Letter to Petrus Van Gaasbeeck, 1776 August 1.

Van Valkenburgh, Ticonderoga Landing, writes to Van Gaasbeeck at Livingston Manor, describing the situation of the American Army: "the Whole of our army here Consists of Sixteen Rigements, one of which is yet at Crown point, left there as an Advanced Party to send out Spies and Whatch the Motion of our Enemy, (Whome they say are at St Johns, a fortifying and Building Gundeloros), Eleven of the Rigements are aRepairing the Old Brestwork here at Ticonderoga ... the other four Rigemts are afortifying a hill that Lays on the Eastside of the lake Right oposite the Fort ..." He continues: "We have now on the lake under ... Commodore Wynkoop one Large Sloop Which carries Nine Guns ... and three Schooners Each about Six Guns ... & a great number of Gondeloros & More abuilding Which We Expect and hope Will Give Master Burgoine a Warming When he Comes With his Small fleet from St. Johns." Van Valkenburgh concludes that they have received news of [the Declaration of] "Independence and that Major General Oratia Gates had the Whole Army Drawn up on the Plains at Ticonderoga & fortyseven Guns fird & three Chears for the Independent States of America."

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