The Pamela McCorduck collection, 1972-1979.


The Pamela McCorduck collection, 1972-1979.

The Pamela McCorduck Collection is housed in three archival boxes and arranged in three series. The series designated are Project Materials; Transcripts, Research and Related Materials; and Audio Cassettes- Oral History Interviews. The collection includes correspondence, interview transcripts, articles and other published and unpublished documents, and audio tape cassettes. The collection is made up primarily of interview transcripts and related research materials in the form of articles provided to McCorduck by the interviewee. The remaining bulk of the collection is the audio cassettes of the actual interviews. The remaining material relates to the artificial intelligence oral history project as a whole. Please note that the transcripts and any related materials for the Allen Newell interviews are part of the Allen Newell Collection, a collection of digitized material from the Newell Collection. Access to the Allen Newell Collection is through The interview transcripts (5) and related material can be found by searching under the term "Pamela McCorduck project." The transcripts are not available in the Pamela McCorduck Collection.

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