Dutilh family business records, 1770-1861, bulk 1780-1810.


Dutilh family business records, 1770-1861, bulk 1780-1810.

The Dutilh Family Business Records at the University of Delaware Library, spanning the dates 1770-1861, represent only a small portion of Dutilh family papers available in several archival repositories across the country. The records demonstrate the everyday business of a late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth century Philadelphia mercantile house. The majority of the items housed in the collection are bills of exchange, promissory notes from the company, and "sight drafts" for pay to ships' workers. Sight drafts are documents commonly used in international trade that allow the bearer of the sight draft to receive a specified payment from a bank or importer upon "sight." Approximately one third of the collection is in French, with French being employed more often in the earlier years of the company and for business correspondence between Dutilh family members. Though Dutilh & Wachsmuth only formally existed as an enterprise for less than a decade, the papers in this collection span a much greater period of time, from 1770 to 1861, with the majority of the material hailing from the period between 1780 and 1810. The collection provides many items of use to the researcher, including manifests illustrating the types of material being imported into Philadelphia at the turn of the century, bills of exchange and promissory notes that were utilized as payment for both the import of goods as well as for the wages of workers, and several well-preserved examples of cargo insurance policies. These policies are fine early-American printing specimens of the Philadelphia printer James Humphreys.

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Humphreys, James, 1748-1810

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E. Dutilh & Company

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Charles Nicoll Bancker was a merchant and financier. From the guide to the Charles Nicoll Bancker family papers, 1733-1894, 1733-1894, (American Philosophical Society) Stephen Girard was a merchant, banker, and philanthropist. From the description of Papers, 1769-1831. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 17270776 Philadelphia banker and philanthropist. From the description of LS : Philadelphia, to John Curwen, 1802 S...

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Wachsmuth, John Godfried, 1748-1828

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Dutilh, Etienne, 1748-1810

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Étienne Dutilh was born to Pierre and Marie Dutilh in Marsac (also known as Clairac), France in 1732. During the 1770s, Dutilh established himself as a merchant in London and Rotterdam before immigrating to Philadelphia in 1783. Several Dutilh family members remained in Europe to continue their mercantile business in places like Amsterdam and England. As a result, Étienne Dutilh had strong trading ties to Europe for the next decades. When he came to Philadelphia, Dutilh established the mercant...

Dutilh & Wachsmuth (Philadelphia, Pa.)

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The mercantile firm of Dutilh & Wachsmuth was established in Philadelphia in 1790 and was dissolved ca. 1798-1799. Etienne Dutilh was born in France in 1748 and came to Philadelphia in 1783, after a career as a merchant in Rotterdam and London. Numerous members of the family were established as merchants in Holland, England, Smyrna, and the West Indies. E. Dutilh & Co. was established by 1784, trading primarily with the West Indies but also with Europe. John Godf...

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Dutilh family.

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The mercantile house of Dutilh & Wachsmuth operated in Philadelphia from 1790 until approximately 1798. The business was formed in 1790 by the partnership of French-born Etienne Dutilh (1748-1810) and Philadelphian John Godfried Wachsmuth (1748-1828). The partnership drew on both Dutilh's family and personal history with the world of commerce as well as Wachsmuth's connections to Philadelphia and the new American state. From the description of Dutilh family business records, 1770...