Papers of Margaret Huntington Holladay, ca.1821-1969 (bulk 1900-1969)


Holladay, Margaret Huntington. Papers of Margaret Huntington Holladay, ca.1821-1969 (bulk 1900-1969)

Papers of Margaret Huntington Holladay, ca.1821-1969 (bulk 1900-1969)

The Appointment books/address books series is arranged alphabetically by author. The items in this series chronicle the day-to-day activities of Collis Huntington Holladay, Margaret Huntington Holladay, and Henry Edwards Huntington. They span from 1925-1969. The Family Records series is arranged alphabetically and contains such items as application forms submitted by various family members to such organizations as the: Society of Colonial Wars in the State of California, Sons of the American Revolution: California Society, and the Society of Daughters of Holland Dames, Descendants of the Ancient and Honorable Families of New Netherland. These applications show how the family member applying is eligible for group membership by tracing the family lineage back to the family member who can qualify them to be part of that group. In addition, this series includes genealogical tables and family genealogies documenting the lineage of the Huntington Holladay family. The items are grouped by surname Cresap, Holladay, Ord, Saunders, and Vincent. In some way all of the families are related to one another. Items found within this grouping include personal narratives both hand written and typed by various family members, birth and death dates of family members, family trees, and obituaries. Some of the items in this series date back to the 1600's. One item worth noting is a genealogical chart from the Ord family. The chart is very comprehensive starting with James Ord who was born in England, April 1786 and later moved to Omaha, Nebraska with his wife Rebecca Ruth Cresap on January 25, 1873. The Ords are the ancestors of the Huntington Holladay family and the chart traces the lineage up until the time it was made in 1936. Also in this series are newspaper clippings which mention the Huntington Holladay family, a biography of Henry E. Huntington, documents pertaining to the Huntington Family Association and their annual meetings, and lastly, obituaries relating to the deaths of Alfred O. Larkin and Collis P. Huntington. The Financial Records series is arranged alphabetically and includes board member files from what appears to be the neuro-psychiatric clinic that Margaret served as president, income tax documents relating to the Collis and Margaret H. Holladay estate between the years 1950 and 1962, indentures and agreements made by the Huntington and Holladay family between 1853 and 1896, tax deductible gifts made by Collis and Margaret between 1954-1962, the appraisal of the Henry E. Huntington estate made by the State of California after his death in 1927, the distribution of Alice Larkin Toulmin's assets, a blank Collis H. Huntington check, taxes and estates bulletins, trust and will brochures, and a list of subscribers for preferred stock from the Mission Playhouse Corporation in 1926. The Correspondence series is arranged alphabetically and includes letters between Collis Jr. (nicknamed Hunt) and his parents (Margaret and Collis Holladay) from 1950 to 1952. During this time, Hunt was studying at a school on the East coast in the Boston area while his family lived in San Marino, California. The series also includes a number of letters from Annie B. Lewis (Margaret's sister) who traveled around the South and East coasts of the United Sates with her husband, Bill. In addition, there are letters between various Huntington - Holladay family members making family genealogy inquiries, and letters between Margaret Huntington and the California Institute of Technology regarding scholarships provided by the family to students attending the school. The photographs series is arranged alphabetically. Within the series are various photo and copy negatives of relatives from the Huntington family including images of Samuel W. Holladay, Collis P. Huntington, Howard E. Huntington, and Willard H. Wright. There are also three photographs of Harry Huntington Pech accompanied by a letter sent to the family asking if there was any relation between the two. The series includes images of the Holladay residence, the Henry E. Huntington estate in San Marino, the Huntington Mansion in Oneonta New York, pictures from Yosemite, photos from the fires in Oneonta in 1908, and a daguerreotype of an unidentified man. There is also an album that contains images of Henry E. Huntington and his Estate and Library in San Marino, Ca. The album is too large to be stored with this series and has been placed in oversize storage. The Ephemera series is arranged alphabetically and includes such items as a seating chart from a dinner party hosted by Henry E. Huntington featuring such distinguished guests as the crown prince and princess of Sweden and Denmark. Labels that were attached to the bottom of J.H. Belter & Co furniture, articles and newspaper clippings relating to flower, lawn, and tree care, a leaflet titled "Land for the Million!" which contains information about buying and purchasing tracts of land, a map of Lido Isle in Newport Beach as of 1939, mixed drink recipes, a list of posters of the first and second liberty loans compiled by Brentano's who specialize in quotations on books, a summons addressed to John Thomas Viscount Sidney to attend the coronation of George IV on August 1, 1820, roster of membership from the Rotary Club of Los Angeles dating 1942-1943, listing the members of the rotary and their contact information, a greetings card from Collis and Margaret to father, invitations to various family members, certificates of membership to Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Burke Holladay, and miscellaneous items such as a notepad from the Vancouver Hotel, a pass to the 1907 Oneonta Fair, and a small notebook. There is also an empty black case which has been placed in oversize storage.

438 items, plus ephemera.5 boxes

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