Lewis David von Schweinitz papers 1800-1833.


Schweinitz, Lewis David von, 1780-1834. Lewis David von Schweinitz papers 1800-1833.

Lewis David von Schweinitz papers 1800-1833.

Collection documents von Schweinitz' collections, especially the fungi and his herbarium.

2 boxes (10 lin. in.)

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Schweinitz, Lewis David ˜vonœ 1780-1834

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Lewis David von Schweinitz (1780-1834) was called "the first American mycologist" by William Farlow. He is also known by the names de Schweinitz and Schweinitz. His Synopsis fungorum Carolinae Superioris and Synopsis fungorum in America Borealis are milestones in the history of mycology. Born in Bethlehem, Pa., he was educated by the Moravian Brethren in Germany. Von Schweinitz's career as a secular official of the Moravian Church in the United States provided opportunities for travel and collec...

Baldwin, William, 1779-1819

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Zaccheus Collins was a merchant and botanist. From the guide to the Zaccheus Collins botanical correspondence, 1805-1827, 1805-1827, (American Philosophical Society) William Baldwin (1779-1819) was a physician and one of the first botanists to explore the American Southeast, especially Georgia and Florida. He also explored parts of Latin America and the West Indies. He was named botanist to the expedition of Stephen Long to find the headwaters of the Missouri River but died ...