Oral history interview with Larry Graham, 2003 December 11.


Graham, Larry, 1953-. Oral history interview with Larry Graham, 2003 December 11.

Oral history interview with Larry Graham, 2003 December 11.

Interview with Larry Graham, businessman, concerning his experiences while attending the Texas International Pop Festival, Lewisville, Texas, August 30-September 1, 1969. His first experiences with the Sixties counterculture at Allen's Landing, Houston, Texas; his attraction to rock 'n roll music; his earning the nickname "The Diller" from distributing Armadillo Comics in high school; his use of drugs as a teenager; his decision to attend the Texas International Pop Festival; living conditions at the festival; dropping acid and having a bad trip at the festival; the trip tent; performers at the festival, including Led Zeppelin, Chicago Transit Authority, and Janis Joplin; skinny-dipping in Lake Dallas; activities of "Wavy Gravy" and the Hog Farm; his high school activities after the festival.

51 leaves ; 29 cm.

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