Letter to Frederick William Beechey, 1836, February 4.


Letter to Frederick William Beechey, 1836, February 4.

In this letter, which is written to Frederick Beechey, one of Beaufort's officers, Beaufort discusses dispatches he received from the Beagle's captain, Robert FitzRoy. These dispatches describe the Beagle's surveying expeditions along South America's coast as well as report on the Beagle's activities in 1835 (he mentions several places in Chile by name). Beaufort is giving this informaiton to Beechey so that he does not duplicate FitzRoy's efforts. Although the letter was written in secretarial hand, Beaufort signed it and and wrote a postcript in pencil informing Beechey of the birth of his daughter and the news that "Mrs. B was doing very well and the young lady also." This would have been Beechey's first news of the birth of his daughter. This letter is one copy of many that Beaufort sent to various ports in the hope that one reaches Beechey as soon as possible. Charles Darwin is not mentioned by name in the letter.

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