Collection of Florentine genealogical documents, 1700s.


Collection of Florentine genealogical documents, 1700s.

200 documents (mostly 18th-century copies, with some 16th- and 17th-century originals) predominantly containing genealogical information for various Florentine families, in particular the Verrazzano and the Medici, but also the Buoninsegni, the Donnino, the Altoviti, the Migliore, and others. A number of accounts, copies of epitaphs, commemorative writings, and miscellaneous documents unrelated to genealogical matters is also present. The documents contained in the collection can be divided into six groups: documents concerning the Verrazzano and the Medici respectively; miscellaneous genealogical documents for other Florentine families; priorista and senatorista records; copies of epitaphs and commemorative writings; and a diverse group of documents, including accounts, literary excerpts, and notes unrelated or marginally related to genealogical matters. The first and second groups are the Verrazzano and Medici documents, quite similar for the two families, both in their structure and for the kind of information they provide. They contain a historical profile of the family and a large number of genealogical tables, some of which include ancestors who lived as early as the 11th century. Small drawings in ink of the coats of arms of various branches of the Verrazzano and the Medici are also present, sometimes accompanied by short descriptions of their elements and their meaning with reference to the family history. 7 large genealogical tables or illustrations for the Verrazzano and Medici families are in Folder 15. 2 oversize genealogical tables for the Medici family are stored in a map drawer folder. The third group contains genealogical tables and sketches of coats of arms of other prominent families, together with information concerning the aristocratic status of their members, often highlighting their respective connections (either by blood or by marriage) with members of the nobility of Florence. The fourth group, the priorista and senatorista records, consists of lists, generally organized alphabetically by family, of the individuals who held public offices in the Florentine republic (such as senators, balì, priori, and gonfalonieri). In certain cases, the dates on which they took and left office are also present. The fifth group consists of documents containing funereal and sepulchral information, including copies of epitaphs and tombstone inscriptions for many Florentine aristocrats (including many for the Verrazzano and some with no name present), as well as commemorative writings that celebrate the accomplishments of the deceased or its noble origins. Some documents also contain a description of the tomb or sepulcher and its location. The last group is a miscellany of notes, literary excerpts (including a summary of the Creation from the Old Testament, and passages from Petrarch's Canzoniere and from the three canticas of the Divina commedia), accounts, a list of books mostly by Anton Maria Salvini, and one of Tuscan clergymen and other unidentified individuals.

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