Port of Detroit Records, 1790,1827.


Port of Detroit Records, 1790,1827.

Port of Detroit Records, 1790,1827.

Records, 1790-1827, include 90 letters and 35 printed circulars regarding business and shipping operations for the Port of Detroit, Mich. The records relate to the leveling of duties on goods and merchandise imported on foreign ships and vessels; rules regulating the receipt and distribution of fines, penalties, and forfeitures of foreign vessels; and rules regulating the registration and enrollment of U.S. vessels. Some correspondence regards the appointments of Inspectors of Revenue at Mackinac and Detroit. Most of these men became prominent early Michigan politicians, senators, and governors, such as William Woodbridge and Reuben Atwater. Other correspondence involves schooners, including: Wilkinson (1804), Eagle and Champion (1816), Fair American (1816), and the Hornet (1818).

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Audrain, Peter, 1725-1820.

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Wayne County, Michigan, prothonotary. From the description of Peter Audrain legal documents, 1802 and 1809-1810. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34418630 Peter Audrain came to Detroit with the Army under Anthony Wayne; was prothonotary of Wayne County; Judge of Probate, and held other governmental positions. (Springer guide) Born in France, 1725; came to Pennsylvania during the revolution; came to Detroit with army under Anthony Wayne; ...

Woodbridge, William, 1780-1861

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Woodbridge was born in Conn. on Aug. 20, 1780. He served in several high Ohio political positions before moving to Michigan. Woodbridge served as Secretary and Acting Governor of the Territory of Michigan, 1812-1828; Collector of Customs at Detroit, 1814- ; Michigan Territory's first delegate in Congress, 1819-1820; Justice of the Territorial Supreme Court, 1828-1832; Delegate from the 1st District (Detroit) to the Constitutional Convention of 1835; Senator from the 1st District, 1838-1839; Gove...

Attwater, Reuben, 1768-1831

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Born in Cheshire, May 11, 1768; lived some time at Wallingford; Secretary of Michigan Territory, March 18, 1808 to October 15, 1814; Collector of the port of Detroit, 1814-128; Acting Governor of the Territory of Michigan, 1811-1812; acted also as land commissioner, until 613 claims were decided in February 1811; Atwater Street in Detroit named in his honor; died February, 1831. (from Atwater history & genealogy) http://persi.heritagequestonline.com/hqoweb/library/do...