Biafra War collection, c. 1966-1970.


Cohen, Maxwell T., 1908-2000,. Biafra War collection, c. 1966-1970.

Biafra War collection, c. 1966-1970.

The Biafra War Collection, 1966-1970 primarily contains printed material - press releases, government propaganda, personal narratives, white papers, newspaper articles, etc. - produced by the various stakeholders involved in the Nigerian Civil War. The series Republic of Biafra Propaganda includes pro-independence booklets and press releases printed by the Biafran Ministry of Information. The United Kingdom Parliament series contains official reports of parliamentary debates held in both houses of parliament concerning Biafra in 1968. The series Aid and Food Relief consists of several first person accounts written by international aid workers, doctors, clergymen, etc. during the conflict. One of the more intriguing first person accounts can be found in the unpublished memoirs of human rights attorney Maxwell T. Cohen (1908-2000) in the series of the same name. The collection concludes with the series First International Conference on Biafra and contains printed material given to participants at a Biafra conference held at Columbia University in New York City, December 1968.

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Between 1967 and 1970, the West African nation of Nigeria was embroiled in a deadly civil war six years after the nation gained independence from the United Kingdom. The Nigerian-Biafran War (also know as the Nigerian Civil War) was sparked by two coup d'eĢtats and several pogroms in 1966. The following year on May 30, 1967 Lt. Col. C. Odumegwu Ojuku and other military leaders from the Igbo dominated Eastern Region declared independence from the greater Nigerian Federation and proclaimed the bir...

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