Benjamin Lincoln notebook, 1780-1795.


Lincoln, Benjamin, 1733-1810. Benjamin Lincoln notebook, 1780-1795.

Benjamin Lincoln notebook, 1780-1795.

The collection consists of a notebook containing essays written by Benjamin Lincoln from 1780-1795. The notebook is not in Lincoln's handwriting, but in that of a secretary or secretaries. The essays include "State of matters relative to the defense and loss of Charlestown; Rise, progress and suppression of the Massachusetts Rebellion [Shay's Rebellion]; Causes of the failure of the mission to the hostile Indians; Invalidity of the claims of the Indians to the grounds on which they hunt; Observations on the climate & c. of the Eastern Counties [Maine]; On the Religious state of the Eastern Counties [Maine]; On the Migration of Fishes; Observations founded on a letter to Judge Lowell on the idea that worms in the vegetables and animal bodies were the consequences and not the cause of corruption; and Why the Indian tribes decrease & c."

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