[Papers of T.L. Sherred] 1970-1989.


[Papers of T.L. Sherred] 1970-1989.

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Ackerman, Forrest J.

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Forrest James Ackerman, or as he preferred to be called “Forrest J Ackerman” (with no period after his middle initial), was a collector, writer, editor, literary agent, actor, and producer. He published the first science fiction fan magazine (fanzine) in 1932. From 1958 to 1982 he edited "Famous Monsters of Filmland" fanzine. In 1947 Ackerman created a science fiction literary agency. Ackerman was well known for amassing a large collection of science fiction, fantasy and horror memorabilia inclu...

Biggle, Lloyd, Jr., 1923-2002

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Beam, Ray.

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Ellison, Harlan

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Janifer, Laurence M.

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Science fiction and fantasy writers of America

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Hickman, Lynn, 1926-1996.

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Offutt, Andrew J.

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Gunn, James E., 1923-

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McLaughlin, Dean, 1931-

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Sherred, T. L.

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Thomas L. Sherred was born in Grand Rapids, MI. He worked in the automotive industry, advancing from tool rooms to technical writing and public relations. Sherred published his first novel, Alien Island, in 1970. He also published a collection of short stories. After Sherred's death in 1985, his friend and fellow author Lloyd Biggle, Jr. completed and published the novel, Alien Main, that Sherred had begun before his death. From the guide to the P...

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was formed on 2 November 1936 consisting of two radio networks: Trans-Canada (English) and the French network. In 1952 two television stations began broadcasting in Toronto and Montreal. From the description of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation collection. 1929-[195-]. (McMaster University). WorldCat record id: 181806794 ...

Finney, Jack W.

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Devore, Howard

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Kidd, Virginia

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Hensley, Joe L., 1926-2007

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