Papers, 1920-1993 (bulk 1960-1993).


Sheehan, Neil. Papers, 1920-1993 (bulk 1960-1993).

Papers, 1920-1993 (bulk 1960-1993).

Correspondence, drafts of writings, notes, research material, and other papers, relating to Sheehan's career as a journalist for United Press International in Saigon, Vietnam (1962-1964), and for the New York Times in Indonesia (1965), Saigon (1965-1966), and Washington, D.C. (1966-1972); to his writings concerning the Vietnamese Conflict, especially his books, A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam (1988) and After the War Was Over: Hanoi and Saigon (1992); and to the publication of the Pentagon Papers. The portion of the collection titled, Vann-Sheehan Vietnam War Collection, consists of drafts, correspondence, and other publication records for A Bright Shining Lie; Sheehan's research file which includes John Paul Vann's personal papers; notes and summaries of interviews; official documents; and the U.S. Dept. of Defense's Current News Early Bird Edition (1964-1975). Interviewees include Joseph Alsop, Peter Braestrup, Ellsworth Bunker, George Christian, William Egan Colby, William E. DePuy, Daniel Ellsberg, Philip Charles Habib, David Halberstam, Văn Cao Huỳnh, Robert W. Komer, Victor H. Krulak, Edward Geary Lansdale, Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., Tòng Bá Lý, Dzu Ngô, Văn Đò̂ng Phạm, Ngọc Châu Trâǹ, William C. Westmoreland, and Robert H. York. John Paul Vann's personal papers consist of correspondence, diaries, notebooks, military records, legal and financial papers, photographs, and other papers relating primarily to Vann's military career as advisor (1962-1963) to the South Vietnamese army (Quân lực) and to his service (1965-1972) in the U.S. Agency for International Development pacification program in Vietnam. Also includes material pertaining to Vann's work for Martin Marietta Corporation, Denver, Colo. (1963-1965) and to his political affiliations and involvement in the 1964 presidential campaign. Vann's correspondents include Joseph Alsop, William Egan Colby, Daniel Ellsberg, David Halberstam, Paul D. Harkins, Văn Cao Huỳnh, Henry Kissinger, Robert W. Komer, Victor H. Krulak, Edward Geary Lansdale, Richard M. Nixon, Văn Thiệu Nguyẽ̂n, Maxwell D. Taylor, and Ngoc Châu Tran.

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