Correspondence, 1804-1888.


Welles family. Correspondence, 1804-1888.

Correspondence, 1804-1888.

Correspondence written by several members of the Welles family of Boston, including letters from Benjamin S. Welles (1823-1904) to his daughter Harriet K. Welles, 1872-88; Catherine Schermerhorn Welles (Mrs. Benjamin S.) to her mother and sister, 1852, describing her social life in Boston; Benjamin Welles (1857-1935) to his father and sister, 1874-75, describing his freshman year at Harvard; and Harriet K. Welles to her cousin, Georgiana Welles Sargent, 1874-80. There is, in addition, one letter each from Adeline (Welles), Marquise de la Valette; Benjamin Welles (1781-1859); and Washington Allston of 29 Dec. 1804.

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