Oral history interviews with Samuel Adams Darcy, 1970 September 18 and 1971 March 23.


Darcy, Samuel, 1905-. Oral history interviews with Samuel Adams Darcy, 1970 September 18 and 1971 March 23.

Oral history interviews with Samuel Adams Darcy, 1970 September 18 and 1971 March 23.

Sam Darcy's (originally Samuel Dardeck) parents brought him to this country in 1908 from the Ukraine. The first interview contains vivid accounts of the life of a Russian immigrant family from 1917 through the 1920s. He discusses his view of the roots of American radicalism. Darcy became involved with the Young Workers League in 1920. After attending New York University, he worked as Jay Lovestone's assistant at the Daily Worker newspaper. In 1926 he became National Secretary of the Young Workers' Communist League and in 1927 went to Moscow as the United States representative to the executive committee of the Young Communist International. Following that he was elected to represent the youth movement on the presidium of the convention in Moscow and was present to hear Trotsky's defense before the presidium. Upon his return to this country, he was, for a brief period, editor of the Daily Worker. In the second interview, Darcy discusses briefly his role as director of the Workers School in New York in 1929, a position he held concurrently with the editorship of the Daily Worker. He discusses some of the activities of the Communist Party in New York in the 1930s. In 1930, Darcy was sent to California as state secretary of the Communist Party, but returned regularly to New York City. He spent from 1935 to 1937 in Moscow and describes in great detail his experiences during that period. The interview gives a description of his relationships with such people as Earl Browder, Jay Lovestone, and William Foster. Also, includes sixteen pages of Darcy's notes clarifying his remarks in the interviews.

Sound recordings: 6 sound cassettes (ca. 6 hrs.)Transcripts: 47, 104 leaves.

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